DECENT is Coming Back to The Golden State: Part 2

September 04, 2015

Hey Guys,

As I promised I am back to tell you more details about our trip with Matej to the USA. If you have read the first part of my story I stopped somewhere after Coin Congress. So what happened then?

At first, we attended Entrepreneur Mixer Meetup next to our place at Mountain View. It was held in Sport Page Bar. We met a few very heartfelt people. Everybody wanted to hear more about DECENT from me or from Matej. We were chatting with different people from all around the world. Developers, Advisors, Investors – even people from Facebook attended the meetup. I can tell you it was the great place to meet some interesting people. There were about 30 people around the table.

Nice experience because until now we have attended only Crypto meetups and this has not been only about Bitcoin and Blockchain. After meetup we were so hungry that we decided to go for a dinner to our favourite place Buffalo Wild Wings. I can tell you it is an amazing place: good food, good music, and amazing atmosphere. Opening hours are till 2:00 AM so we had enough time for working in a nice place. As they have free Wi-Fi, this place has very soon become our favourite working space. We went there after every meetup to work and to deal with all necessary administration stuff. In the area from San Francisco to San Jose, there are three restaurants of that chain. How many do you think we went to? Yes, to all of them :).

The next day we were headed for the Fincoin meetup in San Francisco. But before that we had decided to go for a small sightseeing. The first place was HP Garage – the place where everything in Silicon Valley started. It was very close which is why we decided to have a look at it. From there we went to Bucks bar, which is very popular Tech Bar in the area. Awesome place. But the best thing about these places is the food. I have never eaten such a good burger. If you are around – do not forget to stop by.

After such an amazing experience we went directly to San Francisco to attend the meetup on time. We came to San Francisco a little early so we stayed in a harbour to enjoy the view.

Fincoin meetup was in a small group of six people at the San Francisco University. We have met people like an organizer Bobby Lee. He is a financial blogger and now taking part on organizing Fincoin Conference which will be held this September.

Next day we attended Bitcoin meetup in Oakland at Clef place. Around 20 people were present. The main speaker was a Slovenian guy Samo from Coinbase. As he is a designer – his speech was about Coinbase design, tools and features he was developing. Actually, it was his first speech at a meetup. Well done!

We have also met our friends from meetups before, so we enjoyed the opportunity to grab some beer with them in Oakland for a few hours. The next day we had a big challenge in front of us. Trip to Las Vegas. We met our friend Steve Chan and afterwards we drove to Las Vegas where we came completely exhausted and dead tired at 5:00 AM. We booked hotel in Las Vegas and took a nap for 4 hours. Of course, we did not want to miss the Las Vegas nightlife so we decided to go out.  We could not stay long because the next day we had to leave for San Diego.

In the morning we checked out and went directly to San Diego. We decided not to use the highway but a second-class road near borders of Arizona. We thought it would be faster but, unfortunately, it was not and we ended up driving for more than ten hours. Somewhere in the desert with the coyotes all around :). We almost ran one over. We also had to face a problem with a Coca-Cola can which exploded because of the heat on the back seat of our car.

Finally, we arrived to San Diego around 3:00 AM, immediately went to bed because we had an appointment with one investor in the morning.

After a very successful meeting we decided to stay in San Diego for the evening and next day we travelled back to north of California to spend there our last two days in the US.

And now I am sitting at the San Francisco airport wondering how quickly these three weeks have passed. It was an amazing experience for me and also for Matej. I am wondering when we are going to come back because we still have some work to be done here. And I cannot wait! Hope to come back to you guys with some new stories as soon as possible from another DECENT business trip.

It was an awesome experience for DECENT. To come back to California and discover how the DECENT community is growing and how many enthusiasts and fans like our project!

Take care and #Liberateyourself :)