DECENT introduces Web App Prototype

October 31, 2016

Since the beginning, DECENT priority was to develop applications that would work under the blockchain protocol and not only enhance the system, but also build DECENT Network as an independent platform for authors and audience to participate in.

Our Armenian subsidiary helped us come closer to this goal with DECENT Web App. As our team in Slovakia has been working on frontend architecture, the Yerevan branch has managed to develop the first functioning backend prototype. This means, DECENT has got closer to make its first ever application.

DECENT blogging platform provides all the basic features set forth in the preview of project in the planning phase. First, you need to sign up by creating your account, which includes filling up your username, registering e-mail address, picking adequate password and consequently verifying it. After gaining access, you’ll get an option to link your DECENT Network account to facebook, or twitter profiles, so you can be active through channels besides DECENT.

Upon logging in, your profile holds information on your online wallet. There you can check the amount of DCTs you already own, the number of transaction that were conducted and overall DCTs redistributed through those transactions. Mechanics are kept simple – if you’re willing to partake in exchange, specify the amount of tokens you want to send and put in the destination address. It can’t get any easier.

On the main page, the suggested and trending articles fight for you attention. You may browse through them using search bars to type keywords and selectively look for content  you are most interested in.

The user interface remained streamlined since the project’s announcement. Every consumer, skilled in handling online services or otherwise, can navigate the platform. Before you decide to purchase the content from an author, you may get a glimpse of a part of that article. If you enjoy what you read, you choose one of the payment methods below. After the transaction is done, you unlock the entire content. To help your favorite author, you rate his work, thus helping his portfolio to become more visible to others.

As you may see, the initial version of DECENT Web is similar to the current one. Right now, the developers from Yerevan hub are eliminating software issues and bugs to enhance the experience of peer-to-peer transactional way of consumer-author communication. After perfecting the service, DECENT team would be able to transfer Web app under the blockchain protocol and finally make it accessible to public.

Until that happens, picture yourself in a position of a blogger or reader and calculate, what is more beneficial – placing your trust in someone or something between you and your direct channel to second party? Or almost face-to-face dialogue using cryptocurrency without dealing with mandatory hurdles in a way? For us here in DECENT, the answer is clear.

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