DECENT Impact at Global Graphene Conference 2018

May 09, 2018

On May 5 & 6 we attended the 2018 Global Graphene Conference in Shanghai. The event, hosted by BlockGeek and GDEX, allowed the DECENT team a chance to mingle with prominent blockchain developers, projects, companies, and enthusiasts.

Our Head of Innovation, Michal Geci, informed the audience on the various real-life use cases of blockchain technology and how the unique features and capabilities of DCore, our proprietary technology and platform, set us apart from other blockchain companies. He was also able to reach out to the vast Chinese developer attendees about our global series hackathon, the Blockchain Pioneers, which gained interest among the crowd and leading blockchain companies.

Much of the DECENT China Team joined the event to offer experience, guidance, and information to the Chinese community about DCore’s capabilities. Our Head of Global Marketing, Claudia Olah, Head of Engineering (China Team), Jesse Zhang, and two of the Developer Engineers (China Team), Xuan Jiawei and Yan Bingqing attended the event and answered questions from various companies and attendees.

Some very promising leads were made that may pave the way for DECENT in China. Future projects, promising investor relations, migrations of projects from other blockchains, and the potential for industrial and governmental relations in the biggest market to be tapped to date – China.

Big things are going to be happening for DECENT all over the globe and more events like the 2018 Global Graphene Blockchain Conference will build the relationships needed to ultimately achieve our goals. Until then, we’ll be updating you on all of the great things happening for DECENT – in China and beyond.

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