DECENT ICO Reclaim Process Info

June 21, 2017

To overcome any doubts that have appeared during the last couple of hours, we are confirming that DECENT ICO Reclaim process has started!

By now, detailed instructions on how to claim DECENT ICO account were distributed to all ICO participants. Please follow the steps in the email, check the attached guide and claim your DCT now. We would like to emphasize, this step is needed in order to transfer your account to DECENT Network upon its launch.

We are also confirming that is the official page of DECENT ICO Reclaim Portal. will be an official domain of the first application built on top of DECENT Blockchain – DECENT GO.

If there are any issues or troubles detected during the ICO Reclaim process, please use the live chat support on the ICO Reclaim portal.

Thank you for understanding and constant support!