November 11, 2016

DECENT ICO began on 11th September, and continued for the 8-week duration, concluding on 6th November with final collected BTC amount of 5881.44798307 with ICO generated DCTs around 38.5 mil. (38,510,759.76750000). We perceive that as a major success given the scope of our local business venues. Together, a number of individual deposits climbed up to 4265.

But firstly, break this all down.

The participants were active with their sizable donations predominantly in the opening day of ICO. Few indications point to initial enthusiasm and bounteous bonuses in place; during the first 24 hours, recipients obtained a 50% bonus to the maximum amount of received DCTs.

Obviously, the largest bracket describes a massive influx during the first day, and after that, gradually settles. In the last week, a surge occurs, pushing funds almost to week no. 3 limit.

The highest amount of BTC received was in the first day (64%), over 3861.51 BTC, while following six days helped DECENTacquire 1096.16 BTC. Altogether, the premiere week helped us collect more than 85% of all BTCs. On similar note, we appreciate all the smaller deposits (under 5 BTC mark), presumably for individual enthusiasts, eager to involve themselves and they account for 94.3%.

Only 0.2% contributed more than 50 BTC (one deposit was 200 BTC) and 0.5% gave away 30 BTC or more. Moderately high deposits (2.3% and 2.7%) constituted from 10+ BTC and 30+ in sequence.

When it comes to generated DCTs, ICO event produced  38.5 mil.(38,510,759.76750000), which added to other items represents 70% (51.3 mil.) of the total DCT distributed, accordingly to bonuses applied to quickest participants during the first two weeks of ICO. Therefore this first horizontal column unevenly overshadows the one representing BTC received during first 24 hours.

The 70% figure of total DCT (51.3 mil.) in distribution generated by ICO also includes 10% (7.3 mil.) for the DECENT Foundation, non-profit entity, ministering the implementation of blockchain solutions, 2% (1.4 mil.) for Allocation Fund for innovation endeavours. Also, 1,000,000 DCT will be invested in DECENT Bounty program and 3,000,000 number of tokens will help with Pre-ICO marketing (DECENT Network, , etc.). The other 30% (21.99 mil.) of all soon-to-be available DCT will be assigned for mining purposes.

With all said, the final number of all issued DCT is 73.29 million.