DECENT ICO Funds are held in the Escrow

September 09, 2016

The principles of DECENT Network are build on the highest level of Trust and Security. We keep this in mind throughout the whole process of Network creation and its spread among people worldwide.

To ensure that every participant in DECENT ICO will join the blockchain driven future of media with a confidence in our ability to keep the funds safe, we have come up with a solution. All funds will go directly into Coinbase 2-of-3 multi-signature vault. Meaning that, in order to withdraw the funds, 2 out of three signees need to agree on it.

Moreover, to support the trust in further development of DECENT Network we have also agreed, that all the funds can be withdrawn only after the test-net is launched.

DECENT has partnered with two reputable professionals who will represent the assurance of DECENT funds. Each of them will keep one key to the multi-signature vault.

Tibor Tarábek Founder of Microsoft Slovakia

Alexander Vasylchenko CTO of Grid Singularity, Ex-CTO of Mycelium (Confirmation)

Please be aware that both are independent escrow partners and none of the companies mentioned above is involved in this partnership.

Establishing trust has been our priority since the very beginning of DECENT development. We believe both parties will establish stable basis of DECENT ICO trust thanks to their long-term professional experience. We are glad that the credibility of DECENT Network will be based on respected professionals with a long-term background in Blockchain and Information Systems.