DECENT ICO entering the last week. Hurry up and join!

October 31, 2016

We started at 1pm GMT, 11th September with bold vision to persuade enough blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, companies and other startups to participate not only on future of our company, but also on building the basis of the nextgen technology.

We entered the final 7 days of our ICO. During this 2-month event, you’ve been able to exchange your Bitcoins for the amount of DCTs of the appropriate value. DCT will be the exclusive currency for engagement in upcoming DECENT applications, such as DECENT Web, DECENT Music, DECENT Books and DECENT Stream.

And it’s worth it! These applications will bring something new to the table. They’ll drop the need for publishing entity to manage digital content, they won’t supervise your creative steps, they won’t facilitate financial transactions on your behalf. You’ll do all of that easily, minus the administrative obstacles in the way. With blockchain protocol in charge of distribution, the entire process of product transfer gets streamlined. Author wants to sell you his work and you pay him directly, no intermediary to obfuscate or irritate anybody.

Imagine getting the same amount of movies and TV shows on Netflix in every country, without regional locks or unnecessary barriers in place. That’s DECENT Stream. Do you want to produce or buy music and not be victim of price gouging policies of publishing houses? The answer is DECENT Music.

In addition to the obvious direct benefits of putting DCTs in your wallet, let us suggest other, more ambitious and seemingly idealistic reasons on what would successful ICO accomplish. Your contribution, however large it might be, would show us that people trust our cause. In age, where many companies depend on exploiting its customer by rising prices, neglecting the quality of product and endangering the environment to feed the bottom line, DECENT survives thanks to the help of individuals, or small investors that actually help making the product .

Future lies in the innovation and you participation in our ICO helps bring the future to use earlier. As bombastically as it sounds, it bears some objective truth. DECENT’s come with revolutionary concept no other company deared. To connect people directly and execute transaction in exchange for the product, without any special fees or taxes, no blockchain-base brand centered on the digital content distribution, besides DECENT ever tried it.

Although positive and optimistic, we’re keep it honest. There’s still a long road ahead of us. Blockchain technology has to yet become mainstream and intensive promotion from our team and supporters ensures the growth of the company, business-wise and quality-wise. With larger supporter base and popularity of ideas expanding rapidly, we hope to expand globally at a faster rate. Thanks to your undying effort, we recently opened offices in Armenia and China.

But we don’t want to stop there, we need to evolve further. For our house to stand tall and firm, we need more builders, architects, tools. The last 7 week proved to us, our work is justified and we found our builders. Your cooperation filled us with inspiration, new hope and security.

So don’t get cozy yet. We approach the last week with eager to connect with more people. Do your best and mobilize others to participate, we do our best to do the same. If we achieve our goals at the end and gather enough BTCs, the possibilities are almost endless. Be part of future.