DECENT ICO Bounties update & rules

August 02, 2016

After receiving multiple remarks on how to improve the Bounty system and eliminate abuse of the campaign we reevaluated the originally published rules. We believe this will make the campaign fair for real supporters and discourage spammers from misusing it. Thank you for your remarks!

Support DECENT and get a reward for doing so! 1,000,000 DCT is reserved for everyone who participates in promoting DECENT! The amount will be divided into pre-ICO campaign => valid before and during the Software Sale duration & post-ICO campaign => valid once the Software Sale ends. The pre-ICO campaign will distribute 700,000 DCT and the post-ICO rewards are set to 300,000 DCT altogether.

The pre-ICO campaign starts on the 3rd of August 2016 and will last until the last day of DECENT Software Sale!

The tokens reserved for pre-ICO bounties will be divided as follows. All the rewards will be distributed after the launch of the final release of DECENT Network planned for Q1 2017. By participating in DECENT Bounty System you can earn stakes according to which we will count the proportion of your reward. Each week of your support represents a one stake for you in each particular category. For example if you become DECENT follower on our official Twitter page you will get one stake. If you become our long-term follower, you can earn one more stake every week during the campaign duration. The same rule is applied to Facebook and newsletter bounties. Bitcointalk signature bounties are described below.

After the campaign is over, we will collect or the data and count the number of stake for each participant. Afterwards, we will contact the participants through their social media accounts used to join the campaign. Make sure you have this option allowed in your profile settings to be able to receive further instructions on how to claim your reward.

Newsletter bounty: 150,000 DCT

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest news about DECENT Network. You will get immediate access to exclusive information and one stake for the reward. We will never spam your inbox with unnecessary content. Only the most important news are going to be featured.

Facebook bounty: 100,000 DCT

Like our official Facebook page and not only you get one stake but also regular updates from DECENT Life. You will become part of our journey, see posts from events we attend and be able to find shared articles from our media partners.

Twitter bounty: 150,000 DCT

Follow our official Twitter page and join DECENT Community. Connect with our supporters, get instant view into what is happening around the Network and get one stake for the bounty system as well. The minimum number of 50 followers in your account are required to be able to join the campaign.

Signature campaign bounty: 300,000 DCT

Show the world that you believe in decentralized future of media by inserting DECENT Signature into your Bitcointalk profile and get:

1 stake – Junior member/Member

1.5 stake – Senior/Full member

2 stakes – Legendary/Hero member

Keep the signature in your profile and you can get another stake proportionally to your membership level every week. Moreover, for every 30 posts on the forum with DECENT Signature, you can get another stake based on your membership as well, after the mandatory first 20 posts!

Use this sign-up form to join the Signature campaign! Otherwise we won’t be able to count your stakes.

Signature codes:

Stay tuned to join the campaign right when it starts and get the highest possible bonuses. Your rewards are waiting for you. Don’t forget to follow DECENT Bitcointalk thread to have access to the latest news about DECENT Network!