DECENT Has Got Seoul

July 20, 2018

Our presence in Asia is gaining momentum and we are thrilled to announce the expansion of DECENT with our new office in Seoul, South Korea. Plus a new partnership!

This is our first office in South Korea and it’s located in the Wework, Gangnam district, known as one of the most tech driven districts. This strategic location puts us at the heart of the Korean tech and business scene which is one of the largest in the world.


Leading the Team in Korea
This expansion wouldn’t have been possible without our Korean Representative Joo Hyun Oh (John Oh). John was instrumental in establishing our presence in South Korea and setting up our newest office space. John is an entrepreneur, former Founder and CEO of, a mobile video editing service with over 10M users around the world, he has years of professional experience in business development, research, and consulting and extensive knowledge of startup culture.

John’s qualifications, strong enthusiasm for innovative technologies and his influence in the tech industry, make him the perfect fit to lead our new Korean office.



This expansion also fits nicely with our increased activity in Korea and our recently announced partnership with TTC Protocol, a Singapore company with a branch established in Korea. We will have much more on this exciting new development and we look forward to more opportunities based in Korea.  

Despite the Korean government’s initial bans, the country remains extremely supportive of blockchain technology. With our new offices and partners we will be able to tap into this growing market. Our DCore blockchain offers projects and companies many benefits:

  • Extremely fast (2000+ tps)
  • DPoS based (far less power consumption PoW models like Bitcoin)
  • First blockchain dedicated to content distribution, media and entertainment
  • Use cases in many different fields
  • Ability to create Custom Tokens based on DCT

Since we have a new office and a new partnership, it only makes sense to follow with a digital expansion. To that end, we’ve added Korean translations to our new website so be sure to check it out, and join our discussion on Telegram.