DECENT GO Opens Crypto Door to Mainstream Users

October 25, 2017

Changelly integration into DGO provides users the easiest way to buy DCT to date. Now Buy DCT straight from your DGO Wallet!

Last week Changelly, a well known service for exchanging currencies, started listing DCT among their 70+ supported currencies. This is great news for DECENT GO as it provides a way for users to get more DCT without the hassle of navigating crypto exchanges. In short, it’s perfect for our less crypto-savvy users looking to explore the business potential of our blockchain-based marketplace.

There are a few details worth mentioning: Cards must have 3d-security enabled and have a valid associated phone number. We recommend checking the FAQ at Changelly to avoid any issues. We have also put together a quick walkthrough.

But, that’s not the end of it. With Changelly, we were able to implement a payment gateway directly into your DECENT GO wallet! That’s right, it is now possible to use a credit card and pay euro or US dollar to add DCT to your account.

This move significantly reduces the barrier to entry for new users and increases the options for existing users. Ultimately, this will help DGO to grow and begin generating that “network effect.”

If you were waiting for easy access to DCT, your time is now. As an early adopter you will have the chance to give your valuable input and help shape the future of DECENT GO.