DECENT gears up for 2017

January 10, 2017

As 2017 is opening its gates, DECENT team’s translating its development plans to practice. Thanks to the accomplishments we were able to make in the last year, we’re able to take crucial steps forward.

Before we move on, let’s look at what we achieved last year

The year started with demonstration of DECENT prototype. Basic functionalities, GUI and API were presented to our community in a video, that shows step-by-step guide for sharing and purchasing an online content via decentralized distribution network.

Then, we organized DECENT ICO and it proved to be the most essential milestone. From 11th September to 6th November, many of you participated by offering your BTCs to allow DECENT to grow. With this backing and traction, the scope of our ambition lacks any obstacles. In fact, there aren’t really words to encompass our gratitude, besides massive ‘Thank you!’ What we can do is to release of top-notch product everybody would talk about.

As a direct reaction to ICO success, we expanded our core staff of developers, opened new offices in Shanghai, China, cooperated in creation of Blockchain R&D Hub in Yerevan, Armenia and Bratislava, Slovakia.

To promote the international adoption of technology, DECENT CEO, Matej Michalko, was busy traveling China, attending multitude of conferences in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, while Matej Boda, CMO of DECENT, and Josef Sevcik, chief architect, spoke at Berlin Blockchain Meetup.

Furthermore, we released demo version of DECENT blogging platform, that’s already being widely tested by many users.

As you can see, we had a lot to be proud of.

But what’s ahead of us?

Plans for 2017 are primarily comprised of meeting milestones from DECENT development plan. Since we concentrated on procuring funds and elevating our brand during 2016, we ought to push our work on several projects in the months to come.

Firstly, January is going to experience the birth of new DECENT website. Decision to remake came after extensive feedback of our followers and critical reflection of DECENT team. New visual design, content and server onto which the new web will preside – all of that will shape our identity and give us a new flavour.

Secondly and probably most importantly, Q1 – Q2 will come with the launch of DECENT Network, our main project, the fully functioning core utilizing DCTs as transactional means of value. Right now, our developers are writing the core in C++, finalizing and polishing features for the testing phase. After everything’s set and done, it will be a major accomplishment.

In accordance to the Open Source nature of DECENT Network, our goal is to support broadening of DECENT ecosystem by encouraging app developers to create new ideas and use cases for decentralized data distribution. This cooperation will boost our image and, in the end, help us get new exciting partnerships. In addition, during Q3 – Q4 we will introduce DECENT News, user-friendly app for online publishing of articles.

As for non-development activities, DECENT will still show itself at internationally recognized blockchain-themed events. Apart from touring through southeast Asia and spreading the word, predominantly in China, our paths will lead to Switzerland. Conference called ‘Blockchain: How insurers are building up trust by breaking down barriers’ lasts from 23rd to 24th January and, comparably to the London Meetup in February, it will welcome many prominent guests. Similarly, a major summit, Blockshow Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany provides us with great chance to put our name on the map.

Lastly, there is no ‘lastly’. As we look back and objectively evaluate our journey, words that come to our mind are ‘progress’, or ‘enthusiasm’. Progress we’re constantly achieving and enthusiasm we constantly observe. It fuels our effort and, in the end, makes our jobs much easier.

Without our base of supporters, whether they participated in ICO or not, we couldn’t make it this far. Every comment or like on social media, every sharing of our content – that invigorates us and, therefore, makes the message of decentralized distribution closer to mainstream adoption from market.

But there’s still a long way to go. 2017 is going to be a year of breakthroughs, partnerships and speeches – A year critical for our company. We hope, you will be there with us and support us as eagerly as you did last year.

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