DECENT Explorer Beta Launch

March 01, 2019

Today, we’re announcing the beta launch of a key tool to our DCore ecosystem – DECENT Explorer.

An explorer is an invaluable tool to any open-source, decentralized blockchain because it brings the concept of being transparent to fruition. With the explorer, anybody can search and audit any transaction that has ever occurred on our platform, thereby accomplishing complete transparency.

In addition to the powerful search function, our explorer also gives you a high-level breakdown of the amount of DCT in circulation as well as derived data such as price against USD or the current market cap. This makes it incredibly useful whether you want to take a deep dive into transaction details or just want an overall view of the transaction volume over the last 24 hours.

With a clean user interface and simple search functions, the explorer tool is impressively easy to use and acts as an in-depth search engine. If you have a specific transaction ID you want to look up, simply enter the transaction ID and the transaction will pop up within seconds.

With the combination of our recently launched 
Android wallet, the explorer is the next step to creating an engaging and inclusive DCore community for developers, miners, and token holders alike. If you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, you can find our explorer here.

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