DECENT Development Update June 1st, 2017

June 01, 2017

The Fourth installment of DECENT Development Updates comes just after the successful launch of Testnet #2 “Alberti”. In the short time since, our team has received immensely useful feedback from the vast community of DECENT supporters, testers and enthusiasts.

Helpful contributions and input from our community allow us to make appropriate and necessary adjustments to the DECENT Network. In this development update we will look at some of the of the most important features we are adding.

Firstly, it will be possible for publishers to add content types and subtypes when publishing content. This enables purchasers to view the type or subtype of the content, giving them a better idea of the content available.

Additionally, users will be able to search the available content by category types and subtypes.  This search function will allow users to view a broader spectrum of obtainable content with one quick and easy search.

Our graphical user interface (GUI) has some great new features as well. Users will be able to view the comments that other users have written about content before they buy that content. When used honestly, the comment feature is a great way for users to understand the product in which they are interested in purchasing before making that purchase.

Windows client has received much focus since the launch of “Alberti” and we are happy to announce we have made huge progress in the functionality of GUI. The windows client is up and running and improvements are constantly being made.

One GUI feature we have added is a memo of all transactions in the description column of the transactions tab. Users will have the ability to readily view all transactions in a logical and convenient location.

Several bugs have been taken care of as well. The scroll bar was previously hidden from view when looking at a multi-line description but that will not be an issue any longer. Also, publishing prices have been corrected and decimal placements have been adjusted to accurately represent the correct amounts.

DECENT Team members are working around the clock to give the community the secure, innovative and quality product they deserve. We believe that all of this hard work will come to fruition very soon upon the official launch of DECENT Network.

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