DECENT Development Plan & Roadmap

August 03, 2016

Discover DECENT plan how make the ideas of fully decentralized and independent media distribution system come true. The development plan and roadmap of DECENT Network is now available!

From the Blockchain related conversation of two friends impressed with Bitcoin technology to the courageous worldwide project of digital content distribution system. That’s the beginning and possibly bright future of DECENT Network. Join our community and become part of Digital Revolution.

The whole project plan consists of multiple years of innovations. We don’t want to build just another blockchain app. DECENT aims to revolutionize the whole digital content distribution system. To become a widely used technology empowering services used by individuals on daily basis as well as larger content distribution platforms for organizations.

We plan to release multiple applications on top of the protocol which will build the initial infrastructure. To help the growth of DECENT Network we also plan to offer protocol implementation support for app developers. Last but not least, we have a plan to build a Hardware solution, a plug & play smart TVs, that will run on DECENT Network.

Have a look at DECENT Development plan & Roadmap for more detailed description of future releases of the network and timeline of the development process.

However, after successful finalization of DECENT prototype and demonstration of elementary features of the Network we have come to a crucial step in DECENT development. In order to give all the people around the globe a possibility to enjoy independent and borderless Content Distribution Network, we need to bring DECENT to life.

DECENT Software Sale which begins on the 10th of September 2016 is a one-time opportunity to change the world we live in. This Software Sale will create the decentralized nature of the platform and provide resources for further development. Let’s make it happen together!

DECENT Network is evolving all the time! Stay tuned and get all the news on time by joining DECENT newsletter or the official DECENT Bitcointalk threadTelegram group.