DECENT Continues Its London Trip

February 08, 2017

On 22nd February, DECENT speaking tour continues in England, day after the meetup hosted by Coinscrum. This time in Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre at University College London.

The event is co-organized by UCL CBT Student Division, student body of University College London and The Blockchain Connector, a service provider regarding blockchain services and staff training. The whole event will focus on analyzing blockchain’s strengths and perfecting the community’s message for general public.

Meetup features Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENT, co-founder and chairman of Blockchain R&D Hub, who will speak about emerging blockchain tech in relation to content distribution mechanisms DECENT tries to innovate.

“We need more people to discover the Internet of Trust,” he replied when asked about blockchain’s potential to have a wider appeal. “We all have to build bridges and bring laymen and experts together.”

He intends to follow his word by introducing DECENT, its visions and goals related to the launch of fully functional content distribution Network (planned for June 2017). He won’t omit current development progress of the Network, outreach activities throughout the globe and explaining the technology behind DECENT.

Other than elaboration on the specific benefits of decentralized distribution, Michalko will talk extensively about the ways the idea of blockchain can be spotlighted and shared outside the already enlightened community.

If you want to meet DECENT’s CEO Matej Michalko and discuss with other like-minded enthusiasts, join us in London, at the meetup on February 22. To receive constant updates and news, remember subscribing to our newsletter!