DECENT conference 2017 recap

March 16, 2018

With the opportunity to participate in 85 different blockchain conferences in 2017, we have been actively engaged in hundreds of conversations with crypto experts, cutting edge developers, and blockchain enthusiasts. The contacts made throughout the year have lead directly to the biggest partnerships and adoptions of our platform to date, projects such as ALAX, a joint venture with Dragonfly, which will bring DCT to over 100 million monthly active users.

We kicked off the year’s tour with Learn Blockchain from Experts, on January 14 and finished the year with a bang at the QianChain Camp on December 16. In between that we had major appearances at blockchain events in Slovakia, China, USA, UK, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong, with additional attendance and networking in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, India, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, France, Indonesia, Cyprus, India, Bulgaria, Singapore and Denmark.

Highlights include events such as: the World Blockchain Forum-Investments and ICOs, New York; theIOT World Congress/Blockchain Solutions Forum, Barcelona; the Central European Startups 2017, London; the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference, Stockholm and Kiev; and the FinTech Summit, Bratislava. Audiences at these key events often reached more than 1000 filled with crypto specialists, miners, and investors. Our general agenda at these events was focused on engaging those interested in content production and distribution, payment processing, as well as blockchain applications in various industries.

Our founder and CEO, Matej Michalko, spoke at various events, topics included: The Future of Content Distribution, Author’s Right Protection, and Lessons Learned from DECENT’s ICO. Along with introducing DECENT and our blockchain building platform DCore, we often spoke to raise overall awareness for blockchain technologies.

With all the experience gained from attending others’ events we thought it high time to organized a conference of our own. We specifically designed our Unchained Conference, in Hong Kong, help to bridge the gap between industries using the power of Blockchain. The event offered an exclusive experience with a limited number of seats (120) with contributions from thought leaders, tech disruptors, investors, builders/creators, exchanges, payment processors and the most influential journalists in industries.

Networking is an incredibly important part of what we do; participation, support and organization of events helps us spread the word, not just about our platform, but, about blockchain innovations in general. We will continue to lead when it comes to integrating blockchain with real-world applications and help industries decentralize power, inspire innovative projects, and most importantly build applications for a decentralized global future.