DECENT attends and speaks Energy Summit in Shanghai

November 08, 2016

From 9.-10. November, Shanghai will held internationally appealing Energy Internet & “One belt, one road” Summit, set up by CDMC, Asia-based largest conference organizer, with more than 50 media partners and three supporting enterprises.

As the title of summit indicates, primary themes are focused on two issues, the Energy Internet and its involvement in Green technologies, and so called One Belt, One Road initiative, combining components of Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) and Maritime Silk Road (MSR).

To point out a few parts of agenda, guests will discuss smart energy innovations, energy transformation and technological direction in China, The Energy Internet – from concept to action, Shanghai Disneyland “Powerplant”, VSC-HVDC applications in the Energy Internet, BCIT and Siemens electrical apparatus Ltd. – the smart grid lab project, etc.

DECENT co-founder, Matej Michalko will be company’s voice, making case for blockchain ideas in the process of innovating the fintech industry, including the ways blockchain could influence green energy implementation.

Apart from him, multitude of domestic and foreign prominent guests will elaborate on aforementioned topics. Government body will represent Junfeng Li, Jijiang He, Huiping Liu, while  Yongjun Xu, Yu Liao, Yonming Tang or Simon Goess will stand for the side of investments and businesses.

You will get more specific info right after the Summit concludes, but before that – follow DECENT on its channels and received fresh info about our activities.