DECENT – At Home and Around the World

August 27, 2018

Summer heat in Nevada
One of the biggest blockchain events in the world took place last week in Las Vegas, USA! Simply known as the BlockShow, it is one of the oldest blockchain conferences worldwide. This year’s theme was “How Blockchain affects the Americas’ Emerging Economies.” Fun fact, our founder Matej Michalko actually was a blockchain pioneer and event organizer way back in 2013, he organized world wild bitcoin and blockchain conferences in London, Shanghai and Brussels, etc.

Back then, Matej Michalko joined heavyweights like Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), Michael Gasiorek (Co-Director at Startup Grind San Francisco), Dr. Evan Singh Luthra (Founder of EL Group International and Almora) and Manish Sharma (LinkedIn, ex-Verizon) as speakers at those events.

This wasn’t the only reason that Matej was in the US though, as he was also there gearing up for a string of important media outlets, which we’ll announce soon.

Emerging presence in Korea
On the other side of the world, our Korea team, lead by John Oh, partook in a panel discussion at Korea’s very own Blockfesta. The theme this year was “Real World Usage of Crypto is Here.” This is a huge milestone for us as we are building up our 2nd independent office out of Asia with Korea hopefully following in the footsteps of our growing China office.

2k milestone reached!
At our headquarters in Bratislava, our tech and dev teams continuous hard work on developing our decentralized platform, DCore, has paid off in a big way. We’re happy to announce that with the most recent testing we have surpassed the 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) mark putting us in an elite category with very few other blockchains in the world.

Russia launch
Keeping in line with our growth in other offices outside of Slovakia and China, our Russian team has officially launched the Russian VK DECENT account, making it open for viewing to the public and you can check out our news in Russian here.

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned though because the upcoming weeks (especially September) will be filled with big announcements. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and join our Telegram to stay current with all the news from DECENT.