DECENT and the Chocolate Factory

September 30, 2019

All of us here at DECENT are pretty excited about this tasty morsel of news! Earlier this month, we, alongside 3IPK, established an official partnership with Lyra—Slovakia’s own, award-winning chocolate manufacturer. Our partnership was announced at the 3IPK Blockchain & Industry Forum held in Bratislava, Slovakia on Tuesday, September 24. 

The partnership combines our blockchain expertise and use of our DCore technology with 3IPK’s supply chain proficiency to create and implement the ultimate farm-to-table tracking system. The use of blockchain allows Lyra to track the lifecycle of each ingredient that goes into their newly manufactured chocolate bars and gives chocolate lovers an innovative way to discover what they are consuming in each delicious bite.

As designated by Lyra officials, there are many specific actions that take place in the production of their chocolates. From harvesting and fermenting to drying and packaging, all of the production steps will be, once fully integrated, tracked and recorded in an immutable ledger—DCore—giving Lyra maximum control of the entire production line.

Lyra is wasting no time on this sweet new deal, already implementing our DCore platform to track and trace each part of the chocolate production process. In stage one of their pilot program, they’ve tested the new supply chain solution in one part of the manufacturing process and yielded 68 chocolate bars, making them the first chocolate manufacturer in the world using blockchain technology in the production process. The complete pilot program will see 200K blockchain chocolates hit the market.

Consumers will have the ability to scan a unique QR code on each bar of Lyra chocolate and view a special tracking sheet that innovatively displays the detailed metadata about that chocolate bar. Have you ever wondered where exactly your food is coming from? Well, get ready to scan your favorite chocolate bar and find out!

Pre-order your first & delicious blockchain chocolate today!

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