DECENT and Coinmine bound together

November 17, 2016

We are glad to announce a partnership between DECENT and Polish mining pool Coinmine, Together with MinerGate, DECENT ambition is to cross-promote its brand and products on multiple platforms, so agreement on support from Coinmine seemed as an inevitable step.

Similarly to MinerGate, Coinmine functions as an aggregate, providing miners to choose from variety of offered cryptocurrencies to dig through. Both ETC and ETH, DASH, ZRC, SRC are on the table and with DCT in near future.

There are several reasons why DECENT and Coinmine shook hands. Firstly, reward for block mining is proportionately distributed among every miner to the final number of submitted shares in a round. Basically, a reward per share system.

Secondly, the Orphan block measure helps securing transactions, avoiding nontransparent behaviour and providing control mechanisms. Coins aren’t sent immediately to miner, the Coinmine network has to confirm the authenticity of work by discovering 120 additional blocks on top of the one formed by the pool. Only after this process, miner receive his crypto coins.

Thirdly, Coinmine web layout is clear and easy to navigate through. To start off, you choose currency you want to mine, then you’re transferred to the specific pool main page where you can check graphs on coin shares, hashrates, lastly founded blocks, pool stats, rounds info, and even more.

DECENT role in acquiring mining pool partnership, such as Coinmine or previous MinerGate expand possibilities of putting DCT on the spotlight and due to recent tremendous success in ICO, we expect demand for DCT to increase rapidly.

For more information on our activities, check our newsletter and follow DECENT journey to the future.