DECENT and Aikxian entered a partnership. Live-stream coming up!

October 24, 2016

DECENT recently stroke an exciting deal with the new company, Aikxian. Along with the information technology firm and an online provider, Aikxian is considered to be the first media partner DECENT shook hands during Chinese conference tour.

Aikxian is a live-stream platform that breaks down the macro- and microeconomic stats using so-called K-line, a stock exchange analyzing tool. It gathers financial information and provide investors with shared digital content, like video.

Additionally, specialists and financial commentators participate on live streams, where they provide advisory interactive services regarding aforementioned stock exchange, capital venture, real estate, pointing out actual market hotspots, etc.

Aikxian even promotes cooperation between business by avoiding exclusivity in terms of information allowance. Commentators facilitate healthy competition in the industry, while administering lucrative information.

By partnering with Aikxian, DECENT would receive an opened special channel which could be used for community broadcast. Therefore, understanding of blockchain technology could spread to other potential users, reaching otherwise unknowledgeable crowd. New fan-base would quickly explore inherent benefits of blockchain-oriented distribution with efficiency and clarity.

If we peeked your interest enough, just wait. On 26th October, DECENT will held the first ever live-stream using Aikxian platform and the whole event will be open for everybody to watch! You’ll see and hear the co-founder of DECENT, Matej Michalko who already send his regards.

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