DECENT Aims to Liberate Media with the Blockchain Technology

July 06, 2015

DECENT is currently developing a new independent web 3.0 platform for creative people, authors, bloggers, publicists and their fans and followers allowing borderless publishing of any content. The platform is dedicated to the freedom of speech. Simply put, DECENT is liberating the world of media.

So how does it work? Let’s say you are an author and you create some interesting content which can be either of the following: a publication, an article, a book, an audio or a video record. You are proud of your content; it is in human nature to be proud of the things we create. You want to share it with the world, maybe because you believe this content is important or just want to bring some fresh air into the certain matters. Currently you have to go through publishers and other third parties who judge whether the content is good enough, whether it can be released or whether it is meant for their audience. In many cases this information can be influenced to bring “the certain angle” or to “fit it into the exact profile to benefit the third party’s agenda”.

This kind of system may seem reasonable and obviously has been working well for a very long time. But and this is the BUT, it also means that a great number of content is lost and a vast number of authors have never had a chance to get their work published and to be fully appreciated. Information sharing is not easy. You need to fight your way through the third parties who get a significant cut of your rewards and profits. This is where D​ECENT comes in with the perfect solution allowing authors to get paid directly by the users with no middleman. In addition, the implemented recommendation and trust engines will help users filter out the content that is for some reason malicious or does not meet the quality standards. These engines will utilize information stored in the blockchain and use clever machine learning algorithms to select the right content for the right person.

According to the project founders Matej Boda and Matej Michalko, who are currently travelling and promoting the platform around the world, “D​ECENT is acting as a resourceful and independent unit. It allows information sharing without any boundaries or restrictions. It is served by the P2P network and secured by cryptographic and blockchain technology. D​ECENT makes the information sharing easy and protected. No third parties can control or influence the content.” Additionally, the app builders will be able to build applications on the top of D​ECENT protocol. This allows a great number of opportunities for anyone interested.

As mentioned above, D​ECENT is currently launching. The team is now focusing on development before the presale starting in fall. You will be able to meet them at the conferences and meet­ups all around the world.