DECENT Accepts both ETC and ETH in our ICO

November 03, 2016

With DECENT ICO reaching its final stage, our team anticipates greater effort from supporters and companies to contribute, thus giving us building materials to expand. For this sole reason, we want to encourage Ethereum miners and holders to use this last chance to participate in our ICO.

Not only we accept both ETC and ETH along Bitcoins, DECENT would reward everyone curious enough to give out aforementioned cryptocurrencies with appropriate amount of DCT. Those would allow you to fully embrace benefits of decentralized blockchain distribution platform based on DECENT protocol. Let that sink deep – unrestricted access to DECENT infrastructure. You could use DECENT Web abb, a blockchain blogging system and enjoy possibilities of DECENT Music, application facilitating functions of publishing house without intermediary’s nuisance. Further down the line, DECENT Stream might successfully compete with other well-known streaming services, like Netflix or Hulu.

Every enthusiast should consider option of redistributing ones ETC/ETH across other currency options to keep the value, not only in light of recent DAO hack, however critical it might have looked. Insuring yourself entails even to one of the principles of blockchain – interest in future and technology that could exceed a mere faith in progress. Blockchain tech solutions could fundamentally shape the next few years of finance industry, government or consumer industry. With blockchain swiftly turning from pie-in-the-sky project to outright phenomenon, spreading your influence should be mandatory.

Get yourself involved, participate in DECENT ICO and let’s start the Digital Revolution together!