DCore Update for Q1

March 30, 2018

Our team has been busy this quarter! From January to March, we have delivered on our roadmap and even added a few more things. Here we will showcase the progress we’ve accomplished over the last few months.

  • As Promised in DCore Roadmap
  • Quarter one features have been implemented and are included in the release candidate branch on GitHub (develop)

  • Added parameters for tokens with a Fixed Max Supply: Custom tokens (UIA) can now be used for ICOs on DCore blockchain

  • CDN Support Added for content storage and delivery

  • Payment Tied to Content

  • Public Testnet Launched

  • Complete features list here

  • Technical Documents were released ahead of scheduled and as a bonus we have improved the docs with a new design layout with better performance across multiple display formats making it easier to read, search, and get to the information you need.

  • Community driven bonus features


  • Voting tool was added to the desktop GUI client.

  • Web voting tool is also ahead of scheduled, here are some screenshots


We are performing internal and external testing of all the new features in DCore. Installation packages will be available as soon as testing is complete. We welcome any feedback from our community and just a heads up for anyone operating nodes, keep an eye on our Telegram channels.