DCore projects: summary and updates for Q1 2018

February 07, 2018

Hello everyone, I would like to address a couple of questions regarding projects from our amazing telegram community. So I think it’s time for an executive update. Some of this was covered in my AMAlast week, big thanks to SilviaBTC and our sister telegram group for hosting. Regardless, I will try to summarize all of the projects currently related to DECENT and DCore.

There are currently two amazing projects (already in development) using various levels of DCore but a lot of people are wondering about the differences between ALAX and SophiaTX.

First up, ALAX is a new project coming out of a joint venture between DECENT and a gaming giant Dragonfly. ALAX will build world’s first game distribution platform for emerging markets on top of our DCore platform. They will use both DCore technology AND the DCore platform, that means +100mil gamers using the DCore blockchain, DCT, the miners, etc. I am also personally involved in the development of ALAX so I will make sure they have everything they need to deliver. 

ALAX differs from SophiaTX, in that, SophiaTX needed parts of DCore technology but required blockchain level controls that would not be possible on a shared blockchain. So they used our source code and built a network from block one. Basically, SPHTX fuels their network and they have their own miners and do not rely on DCT or the DCore platform. This doesn’t take away or diminish how proud we are of DCore technology. If anything it helps prove what an amazing product we have.

There is a number of other potential projects that cannot be discussed at the moment. So far, all of them are interested in the benefits provided by DCore as a platform, not just as a technology. Building a blockchain takes a lot of time and requires highly skilled developers, not everyone has these resources but might have a great dapp (decentralized application) perfect for the market, and our DCore platform becomes the perfect solution. As soon as I am able, I will be sure to send out a tweet.

Okay, on to a bit of housekeeping. Some have asked about ATMChain and PUBLIQ, and there was also the Blockchain Research and Development Hub.

ATMChain has expressed interest in DCore, but there is no official word at this time. We will continue as planned with improvements in DCore infrastructure and usability, and we hope that ATMChain will ultimately decide to use DCore. 

As for PUBLIQ, we have decided to step back from this project as they find their way and we wish them luck.

I also co-founded and acted as chairman for Blockchain Research and Development Hub. Ultimately, I decided to leave that organization to focus my energies on DCore because that is what is most important to me, and DECENT, at this time.

Moving on and looking to the future, we have exciting news about DECENT’s Matej Boda. Matej is branching out to create a new DCore enabled project — the first of its kind in the entertainment space.

Boda’s team has been working closely with several major U.S. companies to construct a revolutionary platform designed to reinvent the way content is created, consumed, distributed and monetized.

You’ll likely remember DECENT partnered with the IFP Gotham Awards, honoring last year’s best in Indie film. The star-studded event featured such luminaries as Nicole Kidman, former US Vice President Al Gore, Sofia Coppola, Dustin Hoffman, and more!

Further cementing our commitment to the industry, we are proud to be involved with Film Independent on their acclaimed “Directors Close Up” series. This year’s participants include Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), Oscar nominee Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle in Time), Michael Showalter (The Big Sick) and other accomplished filmmakers as they discuss their craft in fascinating detail. This sold-out event allows DCore back-stage access to Hollywood’s elite, and continues to lay the foundation for this incredibly thrilling new enterprise.

That brings us to DGo. Uploading and purchasing has been put on hold, while the wallet remains fully functional. But, fear not, Matej Boda will focus on a new DCore enabled platform, while myself and the rest of the DECENT team will focus on expanding the DCore infrastructure, improving usability, working directly with DCore integrators like ALAX, Boda’s team, and many others.

I hope that clears things up. We have a number of incredible opportunities here and we have lots of work to do. The announcement of ALAX is only the beginning of 2018! Got questions like this that need answers? Ask me in our telegram group. https://t.me/decentch