Correlation between Blocktime and DECENT ICO Bonus

September 09, 2016

Many individuals have been worried about not being able to purchase DCT’s during the 50% bonus sale. The concern arose because of the fear that the resources may become exhausted. However, there is nothing to be worried about. The number announced on our site, per se 10 million DCT with the 50% bonus, is heavily dependant on the first block, in which the limit will be reached. All the purchased DCT’s should and will be distributed accordingly.

A Blockchain is composed of countless blocks. It is subjected to constant growth as the “full” blocks are being added to it with a new variety of recordings. A chronological linear order exists within the blockchain. An individual could think of blockchains as some kind of supreme registers for all the specific currency’ transactions that have ever been made.

But what exactly is a block, one may ask. A block is fundamentally a huge “set” of the same securities to be commerced. There is no officially set limit to the amount of securities one block can hold, however, it rarely goes over market value of 200,000$. Given how the mechanism of Blockchain functions, no difference regarding validity can be made between the transactions. Put in simpler terms, no way to distinguish transactions made within the settled limit and those, which go beyond it, exists.

Therefore, all the transactions conducted during the lifespan of the final block will be considered valid and the 50% bonus will be applied. However, only the last block of the ten million will be affected this way. The following block will only have a sale of 10%, applying the first week sale. That is even if the transaction has been executed within the first day.