Bitalo and DECENT partnership announcement

June 10, 2016

As DECENT Software Sale begins soon, we are glad to announce that the Partnership Agreement with Bitalo has been signed. Based on a sophisticated technical concept, Bitalo Wallet Technology represents trading platform of the highest possible security which corresponds with values we deeply believe in.

Bitalo is simple and secure. It offers a unique bitcoin wallet where the user does not give up control over the stored coins. The coins stay under full control of the user while being “online” at the website at the same time. Thanks to user-side encrypted private keys in multi-signature wallets and backup transactions even in case of complete shutdown of Bitalo, the clients’ coins are still safe and can always be recovered.

Bitalo is only the “co-signer” of any transaction. The wallets implemented in Bitalo, store the user-side private keys which are only encrypted on the server and are never exposed to the site administrators. Not even when users are spending coins! In addition to client-side signing, Bitalo adds a co-sign – an additional signature, while both signatures are required for spending the coins. For a recovery of Bitcoins in case the website goes offline Bitalo pre-signs the wallet via recovery nLockTime transactions that are sent to the user by email. This allows the users to get their funds out of the website, even in the worst possible scenarios.

Thanks to the advanced security features of Bitalo service mentioned above, we have agreed to make Bitalo the Software Sale Wallet of DECENT Software Sale which is planned for June 2016.