Berlin awaits DECENT Blockchain Meetup

October 25, 2016

On 3rd November, at 18:30 CET, Germany’s capital is going to host the next in a series of blockchain-based community gatherings. Venue hold in Idealo GmbH offices will greet a handful of supporters, ready to listen to and discuss with DECENTrepresentatives.

Matej Boda and Josef Sevcik will be the exclusive speakers, both elaborating on DECENT Network future plans and current activities, including diving into importance of ICO participations.

The co-founder of DECENT, Matej Boda will explore the mission goals and explain the principles behind decentralized distribution platform. “Given the situation on the face of entertainment and financial industry, there’s a need for innovations,” which could be attempted by “introducing blockchain technology that would thoroughly revamp the old models by which these industries run on.”

While Matej Boda will be oriented more on ideological and marketing aspect of DECENT, Josef Sevcik, the IT chief architect, will explain the role of blockchain protocol in decentralized publishing, functionality of upcoming apps, cybersecurity, etc.

One of DECENT primary initiatives in Berlin will be promotion of its ongoing ICO. With 2-weeks off and almost 5680 BTC raised, it will be an opportunity to share the company’s success, while encouraging others the participate further.

DECENT team is looking forward to meet new enthusiastic people, forming new friendships and alliances. For everyone interested in meetup and want to be kept in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter and wait for the full report.