Become Part of DECENT’s First Testnet – Caesar

February 09, 2017

Ave Caesar!

We’ve been teasing you for a long time about release of the fully functioning and developed DECENT Network. Now we deem as appropriate to announce the release of its initial level, DECENT Testnet #1 called ‘Caesar.’

Why Caesar? As we explained in previous article, we chose the names of historic cyphers to stress the point of safety and continuity regarding progress and innovation. We all are on our way to fulfill this promise. By signing up here, you’ll get an exclusive access to the 1st DECENT Network’s testnet, becoming a part of the future.

At the end of February 2017, we will introduce an early build of DECENT Network with several distinguished features users will get a chance to experiment with.

Whether you’re content creator or app developer, you need an environment to facilitate trade. DECENT Network’s digital marketplace, a core functionality, will provide that. During Caesar, users will have an opportunity to participate on every step of transactional chain between customer and provider.

For the sole purpose of testing, users will obtain a certain amount of DCTs that will preside in GUI wallet. Remember that those DCTs will be just imitations, not tradeable or useful outside the testnet.

Account balance will be attached and displayed next to users’ GUI Wallets. Via search engine, everybody will be able to look for any available content and, if desired, purchase it and rate it. Easy enough, right?

Naturally, if user wants to publish something, upload function will solve that problem. He or she can offer anything ‘digital’ – article, snippet of a novel, or a complex software. That means the price of the offered content is adjustable.

Another exciting feature is recommendation engine, used by companies like eBay. By rating a specific software or creative content as positive, author of that content will gain more trustworthiness, hence author’s reputation index will grow.

For people who would like to participate in the Caesar stage of DECENT Network, we have to stress that invitations will be sent in batches. Earlier you sign up, earlier batch your invitation will be included in!

So take part in our first official phase of revolutionizing content distribution and publishing industry by decentralizing it. By becoming our tester, you’ll get a full picture of UI design and other functionalities essential to later development. Wait no longer, become our tester now!

Alea iacta est