Be a Part of Your Favorite Blockchain

July 31, 2018

Community engagement is a crucial part of the blockchain startup scene. Not only is it critical for community members to help maintain the network (miners/witnesses), but they also largely impact the public perception of the company.

If you’re actively involved in the crypto community, then you’ve definitely stumbled upon social media or Reddit posts from people talking about their favorite blockchain projects. No doubt, this is a great way to help gain recognition for companies they support, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Here, at DECENT, we are constantly exploring ways to get the community involved and create excitement about our projects. We have a strong following of supporters and are committed to growing our fan base. Our team is dedicated to expanding our brand and building DCore to be the best real-world ready blockchain for projects of any size. In addition to our efforts, there are a few things our loyal community can do to ensure that DECENT becomes everyone’s favorite blockchain company.

Request DCT to be listed on more exchanges
One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our fans is: “When will DCT be listed on another exchange?” While our team is doing everything that we can to get listed on the major exchanges, there are actually some things the community can do to help as well.

Do you have an exchange that you’d like to see DCT listed on? Submit a written request directly to the exchange. Many exchanges take into consideration the amount of community involvement a blockchain company has before listing a coin, so the more people asking about DCT, the better chance it has to get listed.

Promote DECENT in your own community
Have you heard of our DECENT Moderator program? It’s aimed at blockchain enthusiasts with knowledge of DECENT and DCore who are interested in promoting us within their community. Moderators get rewarded for their assistance with blockchain events, workshops, discussions, meetups and so much more. Do you want to host the next DECENT event? Join the moderator program and let’s get started!

Build awareness in the online community
We have dedicated team members managing the online community and spreading awareness of our brand. However, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. This is where community members can step in!

DECENT fans and supporters can use online resources to expand the reach of their favorite blockchain company. For example, sharing our tweets, re-posting our blogs, liking our social media pages, starting or contributing to group discussions on Reddit, BitcoinTalk or Telegram, etc. can go a long long way in terms of building awareness. Also navigating friends to our newly re-designed website and our telegram or social media channels is very beneficial.

The more people who know about the power of DCore, the better the chance that dApps will be built on it and the stronger our ecosystem becomes. Help us spread the word about DECENT and one of the fastest, most powerful and secure blockchain platforms today, DCore.

Contact blockchain projects and influencers
Do you know someone interested in building a dApp on blockchain? Introduce them to DCore and reach out to our team at DECENT. We are constantly assisting new blockchain initiatives and we have all the tools needed for projects of any size to get started with blockchain. Our dedicated team will help out every step of the way.

We recently launched the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon global series and hosted a very successful first and second edition, in Bratislava and Berlin respectively, where we helped teams compete against each other to create the best blockchain dApp running on DCore. The third edition will be held in Shanghai, Sept 7-9, so don’t miss your chance to witness the next big blockchain dApp!

Influencers are hugely impactful on the blockchain industry. Do you have a favorite blockchain YouTube influencer? Or perhaps you follow a reputable blockchain enthusiast on Medium, Twitter, etc.? Contact them and find out if they are interested in collaborating with us. We will gladly work with other renowned influencers in the industry in order to have DECENT and DCore recognized around the world.

We appreciate all the support of our loyal fans and community members; after all, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for you! If you want to get involved and help to make DECENT a global leader in blockchain technology, reach out to us on Telegram. We look forward to hearing from you!