Are you wondering how to buy bitcoins?

September 07, 2016

This is a guide for everyone who is new to crypto-community and would like to know how to get Bitcoins and be able to participate in DECENT ICO.

Besides mining which is a process of creation of new coins by using your computer power to solve difficult mathematical problems and thus verify the transactions, you can also simply purchase your Bitcoins online. There are various platforms and exchanges offering this service. You can buy bitcoins using other cryptocurrencies or FIAT money as well.

Even though the whole process of cryptocurrency buying and trading may seem confusing to you, it’s actually as easy as doing a bank transaction. You will need to create a wallet that will hold your digital assets (or rather say record of your bitcoin transactions) and your private keys. It can be either in form of a computer file, paper, hardware and mobile wallet or an online wallet using one of many providers. Afterwards you will get your bitcoin address which you can also share with other people as it serves similarly as number of your bank account. This number is used for sending cryptocurrencies from one user to another. Bitcoin transaction however, does not flow through a middleman – bank or any other payment system provider. Rather it is verified on a decentralized basis – through mining.

Once your wallet is ready, you can easily transfer your money using an online banking and purchase the desired amount of bitcoins. When you already have some amount of bitcoins then you can register into DECENT ICO and get DCT in exchange for bitcoins.

Example of sites where you can buy bitcoins:


Example of wallet providers: