Android Devices Get a DECENT Upgrade

December 18, 2018

Our hardworking and dedicated team here at DECENT has got some big news today. We are announcing the release of our official Android beta mobile wallet! After the launch of the re-designed DECENT web wallet, we turned our focus to creating an outstanding mobile wallet, starting with Android and coming soon to iOS.

After rigorous internal testing and alpha testing externally, we are ready to publicly release our beta Android wallet available for download through Google Play Store. This wallet gives you access to a lot of features in regards to managing your DCT balance and transactions. But that’s not all! We’ve added the ability to view your other User Issued Assets (UIAs) running on DCore, such as ALX. All the functional properties of this wallet will work for any DCore asset, and future implementations of projects will be a breeze.

The Android wallet has similar functions to the web wallet we launched back in September. We aimed to make the mobile wallet as simple as possible, but “simple” doesn’t mean lacking features.

In fact, check out these main features we’ve squeezed in:

  • Send and receive DCT and other custom tokens issued (UIA) from DCore
  • Activate your mobile wallet via QR code
  • Dedicated security center where you can find and manage all the available security features
  • Login via PIN
  • Share your wallet address and payment details via your favorite messaging tools
  • Check your account balance in FIAT (USD, EUR, GBP)
  • View your transaction history
  • Check transaction details
  • User-friendly design and easy-to-use functionalities
  • First-class tech support

Providing our community with a convenient way to access their funds and transact with any currency running on DCore plays a pivotal role in our company’s success. The current list of features for our Android wallet, and soon to come iOS wallet, are a combination of convenience and comfort, all in the palm of your hand. We are also firm believers in constant improvement, so you can expect on-going developments and support for all our wallets!

In case you’d like to see a detailed, step-by-step guide, refer to our Android mobile wallet documentation.

We are pretty excited about our new wallet for Android mobile devices and we hope you are too. Feel free to give us your feedback by emailing [email protected] or start the conversation in our Telegram channel. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media, including our LinkedIn page.