And the Winner of Our Moscow Hackathon Is…

November 21, 2018

As the year winds to an end, so will our Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon series. In our 5th and final edition of the year, we partnered with HumanVenture to co-host our hackathon in Moscow over the previous weekend. The purpose of the hackathon was to answer one main question – How can we use all the benefits of blockchain technology for positive transformations of society?

By now, it has been immensely gratifying to see the growth of interest and applicants in our hackathons, starting from Bratislava and moving onto Berlin, Shanghai and Wyoming this year. Moscow received the largest number of sign-ups to date, which means that our community and marketing teams are doing an excellent job of attracting promising entrepreneurs to DECENT and the DCore platform.

HumanVenture is a Russian organization that aims to leverage emerging technologies to create a better world across a variety of industries. At DECENT, this topic is of vital importance to us – as we’ve addressed it before in previous hackathons with topics such as “How to use blockchain to create a better, cleaner smart city”. For us, these types of hackathons are also incredibly exciting as we get to work with bright thinkers and learn from their visions on how we can use DCore to help them solve global problems.

As with our previous hackathons, the prize pool of 20,000 DCT was up for grabs as well as invaluable mentoring and coaching sessions directly with our DECENT tech team to make sure we help the winners bring their blockchain vision to life.

We’d like to thank all of the participants for partaking in our Moscow hackathon this year, and especially to the 3 finalist. These projects stood out the most to our DECENT judges, and the competition was so close, we decided all 3 of them deserved a reward. The grand prize for the best project using DCore this past weekend, was New Noah!

New Noah is a charity program that focuses on animal protection built on blockchain. When the founders considered the earth’s environment at the present moment, they decided that protecting endangered species was of immense importance for our future. We couldn’t have agreed more. Endangered species are vital to their local ecosystems and maintaining the Earth’s balance.

In addition, they thought that blockchain was the ultimate tool to uniquely identify and track every single animal on the planet. This is specifically important since we can trace all the information of the animal on the blockchain, including migration patterns and health history. DCore’s payment platform would be implemented to allow anyone in the world to support a specific animal, or species’ cause to ensure their survival. All transactions would be transparent, so you would know exactly which animal received your donation. These are exactly the types of projects we love to support at DECENT. Not only are they ambitious, but they can create a brighter future for generations to come. We wish the New Noah team the best of luck!

While our Moscow hackathon concludes for now, we will be announcing the Grand Finale of our Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon series in the near future! Make sure you stay up to date with the latest DECENT news and follow us on social media and join our conversation on Telegram. We promise we’ve saved the best for last!