Anatoly Ressin is a new member of DECENT development team

September 09, 2016

DECENT crew has acquired a new member. His name is Anatoly Ressin and he is a Blockchain technology enthusiast coming from Latvia!

Long-term experience in JavaScript, CoffeScript or TypeScript and utilization of countless technologies including, but not limited to Backbone, Meteor, Webpack or Bluebird is what makes Anatoly such a valuable asset to our team. He is a skilled expert in discrete optimization and heuristic construction as well.

Anatoly’s passion for teaching showed as he kept introducing young impressionable minds with the way around FP, Logical Programming, Abstract Algebra and even Compiler Design on the grounds of the famous Transport & Telecommunication Institute of Latvia.

Anatoly is currently the head of an eight-men team. Their responsibility lies in defining core architecture and implementation patterns on both client and server alike in C.T.Co, European IT solutions and services outsourcing company with hundreds of employees. Also his passion for teaching is utilized, as he coaches his junior co-workers and other middle developers.

Being a visionary with strong expectations Anatoly also possesses the will and means to make them come true. He believes that the Blockchain technologies will prevail and ultimately change our way of thinking about the entirety of the ever-changing Digital World. This transformation will be accompanied by countless discoveries and inventions of great importance.

We are delighted to have Anatoly Ressin on our board. Everyone in DECENT is certain he is an immense addition to our ever-expanding team.