A Very DECENT Holiday: a story to warm the cockles of your heart

December 21, 2017

Chapter Six: DGO, now with marketplace functionality.

One of our biggest announcements of the year came in October with the beta release of DGO’s marketplace functionality. This in-house product allowed for the world to see, for the first time, our platform carry out blockchain secured transactions. Built to demonstrate a small, but no less important, sample of the capabilities of our blockchain, DGO helped in our search for new collaborators and partners.

Chapter six and half: We got this, Unchained!

With a score of presentations, more than a few keynote speeches, and a few years of blockchain conferences under our belt, we saw an opportunity to put together an event which was truly unique. The Unchained Conference mixed top level crypto-preneurs with global blockchain behemoths in Hong Kong. It was the beginning of many fine friendships and a perfect way to round off a fruitful season of conference appearances.

Chapter Seven: A Pivotal moment.

The world is wide and our tech is simply too big to keep to just one or two continents. We needed to show the world just what we are capable of. We opened our first office on US soil, in NYC, and we reached out to our friends at Pivotal Entertainment. Dedicated to the creation, marketing, and distribution of quality entertainment through innovative technologies, Pivotal and DECENT were a perfect match. Together, doors were opened and even greater opportunities uncovered.

Late in the year we sponsored the Gotham Awards, which kicked off a series of meetings that has lead to a number of negotiations. By the end of the year we would lay the groundwork for some incredible collaborations, from working with a prestigious annual film screening series to a potential partnership aimed at bring power and agency back to filmmakers, content creators and their fans.

Chapter Eight: Our core technology gets a shiny new name.

The leaves changes from verdant greens to fiery fall colors and pumpkins became jack-o-lanterns while the core technology of DECENT got a significant update. Even with a top product we found that some people still weren’t grasping our true identity. We realized this was, in large part, our fault. We had been touting the content distribution capabilities of our technology even though much more can be done with it.

Our founder, Matej Boda, sought to remedy the situation and reached out to the community to explain some of the seemingly endless use-cases we could handle. A mini rebranding followed. Our core technology would henceforth be called, DCore. With this new name, and a dedicated landing page, we were better equipped to talk about our open-source blockchain adaptation and the amazing things that could be accomplished with it. 

With the snow falling once more and DECENT looking better than ever, the year was coming to a close. The time for family and festivity was once more upon us, a magical time, a time for reflection but also a time for looking ahead.

Epilogue: Looking ahead to 2018

We’ll continue to work on the SDK, as with most SDKs this will be an ever-evolving project. If you are looking for latest developments be sure to check out our GitHub. Your feedback and suggestions will help us continue to improve our developer tools so we can deliver our technology to even more projects.

Also, in January, we plan on announcing the details of our filmmaker collaborations and a few more exchanges, some big some small but all are important for the future of DECENT. Big things are also happening for DGO early in the coming year.

The plans and projects we’ve listed here will be added to a more official public roadmap.

There are still many talks, meetings and negotiations across many industries. From Films  and Gaming to Music and eBooks. There are even some things happening on DCore that we have absolutely nothing to do with, that’s the beauty of open source technology. If you are interested in our technology check out DCore. If you want to know more about our company head over to our website.

From all of us at DECENT we wish to thank you once more and wish you all Happy Holidays