A Tribute to Our Loyal Community

February 07, 2019

While the majority of our announcements and articles are related to our developments, our team and what we’ve been up to, we thought it’d be nice to kick off the new year by highlighting something else: our community projects. These are a collection of projects made by our extended blockchain community, and we wanted to take the time today to introduce some of these awesome products to you.



Freewallet’s name is pretty much self-explanatory as the company dedicates itself to creating a free, digital currency wallet with a built-in web exchange for iOS and Android devices. It was recently listed as the 3rd most popular wallet for Android users due to the fact that their interface is incredibly user-friendly and simple to use without any technical difficulties. You can find our currency, DCT, supported in their DCT wallet.

Guarda Wallet

Similar to Freewallet, Guarda is an all-inclusive wallet to manage all of your different cryptocurrencies. This web-based multi-currency wallet offers a variety of functions including web, mobile or desktop wallet application in addition to a browser extension. They were actually the first multicurrency light wallet to launch, focused on making buying or selling any form of cryptocurrency extremely simple.


In addition to the completely independent community projects highlighted, we also wanted to take a minute to thank the awesome team in China that worked closely with the community to build alternative essential solutions. This includes their latest innovation, iOS and Android wallets for storing and managing DCT.



A great example of a DECENT community member building an elegant explorer can be found over at DECENT-db.com. This explorer was created by Jesta, who is an active miner and long-term supporter of DECENT.


This team of developers from China has created an alternate explorer that not only shows the latest DCore blockchain transactions but also User Issued Assets and an up-to-date full list of miners.

Special Thanks

Our miners have been the backbone on which our entire blockchain is built, and for that, we wanted to say a special thank you. No blockchain, including ours, would be possible without the vast amount of hours that miners (or in our case, witnesses) put into mining nodes. Therefore, it is even more important that we, as a community, show our appreciation through our
voting tool.

Last but not least, we also wanted to give a quick shout out to all of the awesome people who put in significant time to write detailed and informative guides related to DECENT. For example, Jens’ piece on how to set up a DECENT witness node has been incredibly useful and well read. Also, Moonstalker’s ultimate guide to DECENT mining takes you through step-by-step instructions for setting up a miner node. Then, there is a beginner’s guide to DECENT, created by Coin Central, which gives an incredibly detailed introduction for new users and enthusiasts.

We look forward to all the community projects and guides yet still to come in 2019. Keep up the good work, everyone, and make sure you stay up to date with the latest DECENT news. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and join our conversation on Telegram!