A DECENT Taste of Singapore at Charlie Brown Café

August 22, 2019

Reconnecting with our early childhood memories, who could ever forget about the adorable old-school comic, called Peanuts? With Snoopy, a cute beagle dog impersonating a multitude of alter-egos, always kicking it with the lovable lead protagonist, Charlie Brown, these playful characters have been entertaining us for decades, leaving a pleasant footprint in our childhood memories.

Curiously enough, there are some people who’ve taken the initiative to reimagine the meaning of “taking a trip down memory lane” beyond just memories.

Meet the man behind the idea, David Foo—Director of Charlie Brown Café in Singapore!

But Charlie Brown Café isn’t just your regular coffee shop! It’s a “Blockchain Theme Café, powered by DECENT.” That’s right! Inside the café, you can buy delicious drinks, snacks and even some delightful collectibles from the Charlie Brown universe!

How is the café powered by DECENT, you ask? Our technology has spread its wings, once again and lifted off to the city-state of Singapore only to land at Charlie Brown Café—where you can now actually pay with your DCT tokens!

From the broad selection, which appeared initially at the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Singapore back in May 2019, customers may dig into a wide variety of jaw-dropping merchandise, including thematic insulated thermoses, cute plush toys and a custom-made saxophone and trumpet.

That’s not all, though! Charlie Brown Café also offers even more merchandise via their recently revamped website. Here, you can get a cool bag to strut around with like Joe Cool, drink from a porcelain tea set like a Scott Fitzgerald Hero and go on a distant journey with your space explorer backpack like a Lone Beagle. Go catch their latest sales while they’re still on!

And how did this endeavor come about? From the words of the owner, “Charlie Brown Café Singapore welcomes a hands-on approach to all the latest technological masterstrokes, especially blockchain-powered implementations.” That’s why they’ve decided to buddy up with us and allow their customers to use our full-featured DECENT Wallet because of its effectivity and user-friendliness.


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Whichever alter-ego of Snoopy’s you may have found inspiring, together with the guys from Charlie Brown Café we cordially welcome each and every one of you who decides to visit us and treat yourself like a real peanut.

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