3 Winners Crowned at Wyoming Hackathon

September 21, 2018

When it comes to blockchain in the USA, Wyoming is setting itself apart from all the other states, becoming a crypto-friendly haven for individuals and businesses alike. Earlier this year, the state of Wyoming passed several groundbreaking legislations. Within the state, use of virtual currencies are exempt from money transmitter laws and regulations, as well as the absence of taxing virtual currencies as “property”.

The state government is pushing to make Wyoming the next blockchain hub to host many blockchain-related events throughout the state. We were very excited to attend their first-ever blockchain hackathon and become a part of their rapidly growing community.

Hosted by the University of Wyoming, WyoHackathon 2018 featured several major blockchain companies holding a variety of challenges and rewards for teams who were competing against each other to build innovative blockchain applications. DECENT held our own DCore challenge with the theme “Create an Event Ticketing System on DCore”.

The three-day event saw more than 400 attendees, ranging from blockchain leaders and enthusiasts to complete newbies, hungry to learn about the technology. The first 2 days saw speeches from some of the top industry authorities, such as Joseph Lubin (Founder of Consensys and Co-Founder of Ethereum), Patrik Byrne (Founder and CEO of Overstock.com and Executive Chairman of tZERO), and Caitlin Long (Wyoming Blockchain Coalition).

Our very own Ambassador, Daniel Riddell, gave a compelling presentation of our DCore challenge and introduced the teams of developers to our blockchain. Through this, we were able to create some buzz about our blockchain platform and gain interest from various teams before the hackathon officially began.

Major blockchain companies attended the event and hosted 13 different hackathon challenges, including EOS, Active Aether, SingularDTV, and Consensys. 28 teams hacked away at the various challenges for more than 36 hours to create, finalize and submit their blockchain projects.

We were thrilled that 5 teams decided to take on our DCore challenge and our developers were on hand to assist the teams every step of the way. In the end, the WyoHackathon produced 3 outstanding blockchain projects that used DCore to build their ticketing systems and the judges decided to award all of them a piece of the prize (10,000 DCT each!).

The first team, trustin.me, built a complex voting system, backed by blockchain, and an event ticketing platform on DCore. Remarkably, they were able to implement a working ticketing system on DCore in just 43 minutes! The team impressed the judges with their superior developing skills and have been awarded the DECENT Grand Prize.

The second and third winning teams comprised of high school students and claimed they had never worked with blockchain technology before. However, they successfully developed a dApp on DCore, and in the end, their hard work paid off as the DECENT team rewarded their efforts with the share of the prize.

Our presence at the WyoHackathon 2018 did not go unnoticed, and the fact that we awarded 3 prizes stood out in the eyes of the public. We also wanted to give a chance to those who didn’t have developing skills, and we organized a raffle contest for a really neat prize worth nearly $300!

And the winner goes to: Anthony De Silva! Congratulations!

Hackathons are great tools to get DCore into the hands of developers, and showcase just how easy it is to build on our platform. WyoHackathon 2018 was no different and the feedback from the teams using our technology were very positive, stating that it was very user-friendly, which is evident by the team that built their event ticketing system in just under 45 minutes! We can’t wait for the next edition of Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon which will be held in Moscow, Russia.

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