10 Reasons Why to Use the DECENT Platform

August 14, 2015

These days we are facing issues how censorship anywhere becomes censorship everywhere. Freedom of speech is under threat around the world. Government power and corporations are trying to set limits on what content is acceptable to publish and what is not.

Online space development and the rise of decentralized technologies give us the opportunity to solve this problem and discover the essence of modern life for people everywhere to speak, write, and publish their ideas and thoughts freely.

Commercial, political or other third parties should not influence any person.  As more and more information is online every day, we need to ensure that the flow of content is free and easy to find.

Online space is in many ways used by some people for demonstration of the power and can be contra-productive and dangerous, sometimes in hidden ways.

DECENT platform is the solution to this kind of problem. DECENT is currently developing a new independent platform for creative people, authors, bloggers, publicists and their fans and followers. The platform is dedicated to freedom of speech. Simply put, DECENT is liberating the world of media. And if you still do not see the importance of DECENT platform, below you can read the obvious 10 reasons why:

1) Independent

What are the characteristics of DECENT platform in relation to freedom of speech? No single entity governs the platform. Consequently, there is so-called “Technical vacuum” over the platform, which is defending your content under the attack of any third party.

2) Political issues

Nowadays Governments around the world are focused on expanding their own legal power to censorship. It is obvious that information or content banning is against democracy. A big advantage of DECENT platform is that your content does not fall under any authority.  You can publish your content and make it available to your readers and audience at any time you want from anywhere in the world.

3) Geographical issues

Some Governments around the world have no interest in conforming to freedom of speech. Think about Russia, China or some other countries. If we take Russia in 2008, journalist Magomed Yevloyev was killed in the police custody because he created opposition website. Chinese government restricted the access to 2700 websites to this date. And some other countries have been included into the list of “Enemies of the Internet”.

4) Secured and Spam free

The goal of the DECENT project is to create a distributed and secured publishing platform where authors can monetize their content. Therefore, consumers can access the content only after the authors have been paid. Our spam-free mechanism makes the extensive publishing very expensive for spammers, while keeping the resources available for legitimate authors. Thanks to advanced cryptography algorithms, no unauthorized person can access the content they have not paid for. Also, the content is signed by the author’s public key, binding it to the specific person.

5) Direct reach to your audience

To find the right audience for your content is nowadays relatively simple – if you have a big marketing budget. But what if you do not? DECENT platform offers you direct access to your audience without any restrictions or media influence. Your reputation on DECENT platform depends solely on you and your published content.

6) Trust yourself

In a usual publishing system you have to trust people, agencies and media houses to handle your content in the proper way. All these people or institutions are the third party. You often have to beg or pay a big amount of money to get attention of media houses to publish your content. Now you do not have to do it anymore because DECENT is your tool. And that is the reason why you have to trust and believe only yourself, your knowledge and skills.

7) Cost Effective

Readers can buy content directly from their favorite authors. Developers are free to build their own apps and monetize them by their will -all without paying any hidden fees to middlemen or the third parties like media houses.

8) Become the Authority, Influencer

DECENT platform helps you become a trusted influencer among your target group. It is the ultimate aim of any publisher to become the authority and find the right audience. Do not forget that the consumer wants to go with the best. The sooner you establish yourself as the source of quality information with the help of DECENT, the sooner you get attention and interest of your audience.

9) Move away from Cliché publishing

Amount of data in the world has been exploding at the speed of light. Multimedia and social media are used on daily basis to affect online audience but not with the expected effect. Therefore publishers and creative people have to look for other means of communication with their target audience. Try to swim against the flow. Give your audience something else, something new, something innovative.

10) Editor in you

In the traditional world of publishing, there is no such thing as “your” content, only “their” content. Do not let others discourage your ideas and thoughts. Create and edit the content “you” want to create the way you and your followers like.

At the end of the day we should ask ourselves “Is our online behavior over the past few years affected by the economical, political or publishing reasons? If so, then why?” DECENT is here to bring simple solution to the problem.