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ALAX White Label provides a versatile, end-to-end, SaaS platform powered by DECENT’s advanced DCore blockchain. It is based on a secure, trusted and efficient digital content distribution platform, ALAX.

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ALAX White Label is a fully customizable, versatile, end-to-end platform aimed at delivering digital content across numerous entertainment models, such as games, movies, e-commerce, comics, books, music and many others. Adapted and developed for web (HTML5) as well as Android, ALAX White Label provides a reliable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. From branding to development, ALAX White Label utilizes effortless setup processes and reasonable installation fees. Whether it’s implementation integration, development or post-setup maintenance, our global team is ready to promptly and conveniently provide all customers with professional customer service (regional limitations may apply).

ALAX White Label comes with a tonne of wholesome features! Boost your revenue stream and eliminate high costs of delivering digital content with ALAX White Label—the premier SaaS solution developed by DECENT and powered by the DCore blockchain platform.

icon Monetize

Integrate regular Android and Web-based applications by utilizing easy-to-use SDKs and plugins. Take control of your payments with near-real-time global transactions.

icon Global Reach

Connect with new and untapped users in difficult-to-reach markets. In fact, there are still more than two billion unbanked smartphone owners in Asia!

icon Full Integration

From branding to design, every part of the platform is provided as a turn-key solution.

icon Complete Suite of Applications

Token Wallet, Merchant Partner App, App Store. This handy set of applications can be run across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Web.

icon Dedicated Support

Dedicated developer and after-sales support teams provide end-to-end integration and assistance in all aspects of the platform.

icon Verticals

The platform is a perfect fit for any digital content provider or publisher in multimedia spheres such as books, music, casino, movies, games, and e-commerce. What’s more, even mobile hardware manufacturers and carriers can benefit from the convenient features our platform offers.