About DCT

DCT is our very own altcoin. It is fundamental to our DCore blockchain which combines DPoS and file-sharing protocols. DCT is needed to fuel transactions and it also funds the witnesses that keep DCore running.

Symbol Ticker DCT
Total Supply 73,197,775 DCT
Circulating Supply 51,306,089 DCT
Live Rate ( DCT/USD ) $ 0.03
Market Cap $ 1,774,797

DCT Details

DCT is classified as a platform cryptographic asset. The circulating supply increases only through block rewards that are earned by the delegated witnesses. The live data shown here is taken from CoinMarketCap.



Where to keep DCT

You will need a DCT enabled wallet to hold your DCT. There are currently several options:

  1. GUI wallet created with the Command Line Interface
  2. Our new desktop/offline wallet
  3. Official Android Wallet for Android devices
  4. Official iOS Wallet for Apple devices
  5. Community-built wallets for Android and iOS
Web Wallet
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Android Wallet
iOS Wallet
PWV@2x (1)


In a DPoS system security is dependent on decentralized active miners. To ensure the integrity of DCT every holder can and should vote for responsible and reliable witnesses.

Voting Tool

How to get DCT

Once you have an account on DCore there are a number of ways to get DCT. The most common right now is through trading on exchanges, but there are also direct payment gateways and personal transfers.

Web Wallet
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DCT exchanges
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