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Founder, CEO of DECENT
Q4 2017
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Q2 2015 Foundation

In June of 2015, we were able to close an angel investment from Element US Ltd. in order to begin the creation of DECENT. As a result, the DECENT Foundation was established in Switzerland, setting everything in motion.

Q3 2015 Whitepaper

We completed and released the most integral part of any blockchain ambition – our Whitepaper. Having a well written and clearly defined whitepaper gained us support and positive feedback from the community.

Q4 2015 Building the team

Using the angel investment we received we set up our service center in Slovakia and began to expand our team with industry leading professionals. Then the work began as we focused on creating a prototype based on our Whitepaper.

Q1 2016 Prototype

After a ton of hard work and ingenuity, our engineering team was able to create the first fully functioning prototype to allow for content distribution on blockchain.

Q2 2016 Let the show begin!

With our newly minted prototype launched, our team embarked on a global roadshow demonstrating and validating our content distribution platform in the US, Europe and Asia.

Q3 2016 Partnerships Kick Off

Through the roadshow, we were able to meet and sign some incredible partners including Webglobe, Coiniran, 8btc, MinerGate and Freewallet. Together, they provided us with basic infrastructure services, media portals and crypto wallets.


As we gained more traction, the foundation for our ICO took shape, leading to an announcement in July, 2016. We successfully raised 5,881 bitcoins from our ICO in September, 2016. In the midst of all this, we also partially released our Open-Source code.

Q4 2016 Jumpstarting China

We opened our first international office in Shanghai, China. Our China team immediately got things started by joining the JadeValue FinTech Incubator in Shanghai, as well as building the first functioning backend prototype of our web app.

Q1 2017 Website remodel

We started 2017 by launching an updated website for each type of member within our community: Content Creators, Developers and Testers. We also launched our first DCore blockchain testnet – Caesar.

Q2 2017 Building a blockchain
platform isn’t easy

As 2017 rolled on, we continued developing and testing our product, releasing our second DCore testnet, Alberti. The feedback and community support from our testnets lead to the launch of our DCore Mainnet and a dapp called DECENT GO, a web-based marketplace application on DCore where anyone could upload and download content.

Q3 2017 Gaining momentum
with partnerships

Our Mainnet launch and DECENT GO quickly gained attention in the mainstream market. We won two 1st place prizes at the 4th Annual Central European Startup Awards (CESA) and our B2B partnership began from a JV with Venaco Group to integrate blockchain and business together.

Q4 2017 Annual “Unchained” Event

We hosted our first annual event, the unchained conference, an invite only event in Hong Kong which gathered more than 100 elite blockchain experts. Another key announcement in Q4 was the partnership with game giant Dragonfly and the creation of ALAX, a mobile marketplace bringing blockchain to more than 100M gamers.

Q1 2018 With a new year,
comes new opportunities

2018 got started with our biggest DCore update to date which saw the addition of features such as custom tokens, instant messaging via blockchain, seeder ratings and settings, and much more. We know working with blockchain technology can be challenging, so we created thorough documentation discussing use cases and functional examples with guides for using DCore!

Q2 2018 Technology Enhancement

The team focused on improving DCore’s functionality and scalability, releasing comprehensive DCore documentation. New features were added to our DCore desktop wallet and ALAX, the second DAPP build on DCore, successfully finished its TGE.

Q3 2018 SDK’s development and
restructured web wallet

Our SDK (software development kit), including the Toolkit, documentation and code samples for developing apps on android platforms was released. This is a huge step forward as it now allows any developer to build a dApp on DCore. We also unleashed our newly restructured web wallet with multiply functions like paper wallet.

Q4 2018 Propelling DCore to new heights

We are ending 2018 with our official Android Wallet release which you can download from the Google Play store. Also, we’ve updated the DCore subpage of our website, and our tech team developed a DCore iOS SDK which simplifies the process of creating iOS compatible dApps on DCore.

Q1 2019 iOS Wallet & Major DCore Improvements

2019 leads off with the release of our DCore blockchain explorer where anyone can view all of the transaction history on the DCore blockchain and the launch of the official iOS Wallet. Additionally, we upgraded DCore itself by way of creating Linux installation packages and official Docker support.

Q2 2019 DECENT Springs into Action

Spring brings forth a lot of big moves as we roll out our DCube Incubation Services, which help developers, students and entrepreneurs get started in the world of blockchain. Followed by an open bounty program, PHP & Swift SDKs and the implementation of NFT’s on DCore.