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What is DECENT?

Founded in 2015, DECENT is one of the first blockchain companies. DECENT has developed their own blockchain protocol; DCore, a platform that empowers users to create or migrate applications into a blockchain environment. DECENT is dedicated to building an ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology, helping developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future, especially within the media and entertainment industries.

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The Idea Behind DECENT

The story of DECENT originated when the Founder, Matej Michalko, recognized the unfair conditions content creators had to endure to have their works published and made available to the general public. Intermediaries generally charge up to 70% of the artists’ revenue for distribution costs. Blockchain’s traceable and decentralized architecture enabled Matej and his team to develop a safe, transparent and fair solution for content creators to publish their work, and DCore was born.

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What is DCore?

Launched in 2017, DCore is the blockchain you can easily build on. As the world’s first blockchain designed for digital content, media and entertainment, DCore provides user-friendly software development kits (SDKs) that empower developers and businesses to build decentralized applications for real-world use cases. DCore is fast, powerful, cost-efficient and packed-full of customizable features making it the ideal blockchain for any size project.


Fast (2000+ TPS)


Perfect for media and content distribution and capable of so much more.

What we do?

We Support Innovation

DECENT’s extensive experience with blockchain protocols, such as DCore, has allowed the company to successfully incubate and invest in several businesses in the blockchain space. We focus on building DCore’s ecosystem through accelerating blockchain innovations and identifying top-notch industry applications. We provide all the technical tools and incubation services to help tech startups and entrepreneurs get started in the exciting world of Blockchain.

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